VIVA FITO STIMUL company since its foundation develops and carries out chemical extractions and synthesis of biologically active compounds from plant materials.

Priority for the company VIVA FITO STIMUL is the development of high technologies and their use in the manufacture of biologically active compounds. Organisation of production of biologically active compounds allows supplying the necessary raw materials to the world famous research laboratories, pharmaceutical factories for production of drug substances as well as finished medication and biologically active dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Company VIVA FITO STIMUL consistently pursued a policy aimed at creating an efficient and safe production, the maintenance of high quality standards in the manufactured biologically active compounds, using the capacities of modern technology, high potential of local science and years of experience in the development of extraction technologies and synthesis.

One of the main values of the company VIVA FITO STIMUL is its staff, so special attention is paid to improving the social protection of employees of the company, development and motivation of staff, as well as the continuous improvement of working conditions.

Company VIVA FITO STIMUL is constantly improving its research, production and human potential for the realization of scientific achievements in the development of its products. Production facilities are equipped with modern domestic and foreign technological equipment. Compliance with the standards in the production process is constantly monitored by the company's quality control laboratory.

With its own research laboratory facilities, the company VIVA FITO STIMUL has the ability to develop technologies and produce biologically active compounds on request, providing the dynamic needs of a growing market of biologically active compounds.

The company manufactures the following bioactive compounds:
1. Galantamine hydrobromide
2. Lappaconitine hydrobromide
3. Licorine hydrochloride
4. Protodioscin
5. Turkesterone
6. Cytisine
7. Ecdysterone
8. Ferula tenuisecta extract and Ferula kuhestanica extract



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