Lycorine hydrochloride is an alkaloid, contained in a number of plants of the family Amaryllidaceae and Liliaceae.

Structural formula

Gross formula: C16H17NO4·HCl
Purity:> = 95%
Chemical name: Lycoran-1-alpha, 2-beta-diol, 3,3-alpha-didehydro-, hydrochloride
Molecular weight: 323.77 g / mol
Latin name: Lycorinum hydrochloridum
CAS code: 2188-68-3
Pharmacological group: Means stimulating expectoration.
Pharmacological properties: It has a bronchodilator effect, increases the secretion of bronchial glands and dilutes sputum. According to the main action, lycorone is close to apomorphine, being an emetic. In small doses it has an expectorant effect. The drug is proposed as an expectorant for chronic and acute inflammatory processes in lungs and bronchi.



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