Ecdysterone is a natural compound of steroid structure, isolated from roots and rhizomes of Rhaponticum carthamoides.

Structural formula

Gross formula: C₂₇H₄₄O₇
Purity: > = 95%
Chemical name: 5-beta-Cholest-7-en-6-one, 2-beta, 3-beta, 14,20,22,25-hexahydroxy-, (22R) -
Latin name: Ecdysteronem
CAS code: 5289-74-74
Pharmacological properties
Ecdysterone has a positive effect both on protein, and on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Under its influence there is an accumulation in the organs and tissues of glycogen and macroergic phosphorus compounds (ATP and creatine phosphate), there are clear hypocholesterolemic and hypotriglycerideemic effects. In model tests, Ecdysterone increased the athletes' endurance for the time of pedaling up to failure, when testing physical performance on a bicycle ergometer test. Indications for use
In medicine:
• prevention of ARI and ARVI
• a tonic for asthenic and asthenodepressive conditions, associated with the weakening of protein-synthesizing processes.
• with prolonged intoxications, infections, neurasthenia, neuroses, hypotension
• in the post-surgery period for the acceleration of protein synthesis processes and stimulation of immune system.
In sports:
• to accelerate the gaining of muscle mass,
• significant acceleration of recovery after any kind of physical load,
• Increased muscle strength,
• to increase the speed-strength indicators,
• during intensive training with dysfunction of the cardiovascular system,
• with severe signs of myocardial overstrain and increased muscle catabolism.



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